Why TOI Connect

ToI Connect is a digital platform powered by IOT, AI & Cloud Computing technology which enables machine to machine communication, management and cloud storage with robust security protocols and built-in analytics. These help to boost up network efficiency and asset life cycle resulting optimization of operating expenditure (Opex) and capital expenditure (Capex).

Internet of Things-IOT

  • Digital Monitoring System
  • Digital Access System
  • Digital Spy Camera Security System

Digital Monitoring System

TOI Digital Monitoring System (DMS) is a blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IOT) that enables users to monitor mobile tower sites/POP/BTS from a centralized location.

  • AC Energy Monitoring & DC Energy Monitoring

  • Environmental Parameter Monitoring

  • Alarm Management and Monitoring

  • Power Device Monitoring

  • Battery Health Monitoring

  • Generator Monitoring

  • Fault Analysis and Report

  • Easy installation and configuration process

Digital Access System

TOI “Digital Access System” is easy and reliable way to control BTS Door over a network. With a Highly Secure Server it possessed Protected Cloud access over internet and make our system theft proof, Hack proof.

  • Secure Remote Access over Internet

  • Built-in web server for mobile apps, browser-based setup and control.

  • Multiple User Access Permission Capability

  • Individual door access log

  • Physical Access Using RFID, SMS, Web & Apps

  • Easy installation and configuration process

  • Security, Surveillance And Access Control

  • Fault Analysis and Report


Spy Camera has built-in motion sensor, when someone try to break-in or the cabinet feel unauthorized movement that will capture photos within a fraction of millisecond and send to the central server.

  • Human Detection

  • Vibration

  • Buzzer